Re: FSQA reopens mini-market temporarily closed for selling expired foodstuff


Dear Editor,

This can only happen in The Gambia. People could die from food poisoning because they may still have food products they purchased from this store. But since FSQA won’t reveal the store, people will never know!

FSQA is protecting the owner’s image at the risk of the health and lives of the consumers. How dumb that is?


FSQA should be making a public announcement and recalling any products bought from that store.

Fatou Dibba


Dear Editor,

This FSQA guys are a bunch of idiots. It is an Indian mini-market and it is always selling expired food and when caught by FSQA, I would not be surprised if pay money does not pass hands. Otherwise why would FSQA be protecting them?

And I am sure if it was a Gambian-owned business, it would have been dragged to court.

Momodou Singhateh


Dear Editor,

I am shocked and saddened. This can only happen under the Barrow administration. A regulator putting a business’ interest before the interest of its citizenry! The regulator’s action is a big embarrassment to the government and citizens alike. It has been mandated by our constitution but apparently it cannot carry out its duties. Because of what? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sam Darbo

Crawley, UK

Dear Editor

This nonsense is too much in The Gambia. They just keep relabelling and selling expired goods. People are getting sick day-in, day-out all because of the ineptitude of this health authority. Let them bloody expose the mini-market by way of setting up an example. That is, if the FSQA is not compromised.

Alieu Sabally


Re: Nyang Njie quits political activism

Dear Editor,

Tell Nyang a warrior does not surrender. Activism is meant for warriors who are determined. Whatever they face in terms of threats or opportunities, they will face and endure it. Quitting activism does not do any good for the country. If you do so, then you are empowering the corrupt and bad people that are crippling our country. Stand up! And continue to do good for society. Please remember even if you were going round everyday doing good for humanity not everyone will appreciate it. That’s the nature of duniya.

Mortala Ndow


Dear Editor,

Nyang Njie is just letting the United Democratic Party know that he has quitted. I think he is also repainting his resumé for future job applications that may require him to be less partisan.

James Lewis


Dear Editor,

Let Nyang Njie not quit. It’s too early because in nation building there is no time to rest. You cannot make the whole The Gambia think and behave like you. So if Nyang Njie is leaving the field just because he thinks his message is not being taken, that could be a mistake. As the saying goes, nothing endures but change. Let us all work for our Gambia irrespective of all the stumbling blocks on the way

Edrissa Touray


Dear Editor,

This is a good decision. Politics is not a profession and this is why young people making it a living have an uncertain future. Out of a population of two million, just hundreds of people are politically appointed. The rest have to use their profession or skills to survive. Nyang Njie, why do you waste your time in politics when you can do other things? I think others will follow him.

“Gambia Forward”