Re: GDC urges Assembly to investigate fuel impasse


Dear Editor,

The oil marketing companies should not be allowed to hold the government to ransom. The companies have formed themselves into a cartel, giving themselves extraordinary power over the supply and price of fuel. Cartels are not tolerated anywhere in the world. The USA with its liberal economy has the strongest anti trust laws in the world. The government should open up this sector and allow for more competition. If the government has to negotiate, it should negotiate with suppliers on a one-to-one basis and not with the cartel. While doing that, the government should review its subsidy policy critically and look at other options in respect of moderating the effect of high prices on the most vulnerable. The government should also look at the possibility of holding security stock of fuels at affordable levels.

Abdou Janha



Dear Editor,

The exchange rate of the dollar has dominated the wahala over the importation or available of petroleum products in The Gambia.

Now, looking at the machinery of banking in the country, the Central Bank of The Gambia should facilitate the currency exchange to ease the suffering of the  citizenry.

The Central Bank sells one dollar for D55.87 while it is a dollar for D62 in the parallel market. So, in essence, government should intervene to regularise the system. It should regard the statement issued by the oil marketing companies as a given signal from all other importers and act accordingly before things get out of hand.

Abubacarr Bah


Re: State’s case collapsed after DNA clears Bob Keita of parentage

Dear Editor

Bob Keita’s recent court victory is a big blow to the feminist movement which introduced the “Me Too Movement” in The Gambia . The Me Too Movement started as a gimmick financial project for diaspora activists who wanted to use TRRC and former dictator Jammeh’s so-called sexual abuse to exploit the Gambian people. Bob Keita’s wife was influenced by these people and former Justice minister Tambadou who tweeted that “the Gambian women should come forward to report rape cases to various police stations across the country,” in 2020. Sainabou Mbye answered to the call and was motivated and supported by diaspora activists, many of whom were divorced and are angry at men while others are seeking fame or financial gains. The other Gambian activists in the country stood their ground and mobilised public support and opinion in favour of Bob resulting to public denunciation of the government efforts to put Bob behind bars for rest of his life. Because of public opinion and support, Bob Keita’s case became a threat to the government as a result of this division between the feminist activists and Bob’s supporters. The Ministry of Justice wanted to sacrifice Bob to get funding for gender equality and violence against women which international organisations are sponsoring in The country and feminist activists have direct connections with these organisations. The fake feminist activists are not happy with the result of this case and their hopes for setting example of Bob Keita’s case to end gender violence was dashed by this victory which was advocated for by the majority citizens. Sainabou Mbye is now in hot waters but the feminist activists don’t care about human rights of Baby Muhammed since that case has zero financial interest for these desperate feminists. It is all about money. They have destroyed a young family because of greed and corruption. Sainabou Mbye will learn her lesson in the hard ways.

‘Maxes Mars’