Re: GT Board says planned November 11 protest not good for tourism


Dear Editor,

I for one do not understand honestly why the government is never happy with peaceful demonstrations? Citizens everywhere in the world have rights to demonstrate. As I am writing this, in Germany in a city called Leipzig, people are demonstrating against high cost of living. So too in many other countries. Why are our governments scared of people demonstrating? The police should walk with the protesters and maintain peace. The outcomes of demonstrations are in the hands of the police. They should not be using force and throwing teargas on peaceful demonstrators. Let government officials meet with the leaders of the planned demonstration. Let them meet the vice president. Let him listen to them and after they would peacefully disperse.

People have a right to organise and partake in peaceful demonstrations. If anyone is scared of that, then that person is hiding something. That is the truth.


Sulayman Sarr

Dover, Kent, UK

Dear Editor,

It is The Gambia Tourism Board’s responsibility to maintain a stable and crime free environment for tourists. People are talking about tourists and expats getting robbed in broad daylight and when they go to the police, they get no help but get further victimised. Do you think any tourist would want to come for a visit in such an environment? Not to speak about the road and traffic situation? With all factories and businesses leaving or being relocated to Senegal, The Gambia relies on tourism and foreigners bringing money into the country for about 80 percent of its economy. Yet still this sector is neglected. Well, you made your bed, now lay on it

Jai Cham


Dear Editor,

For the greater good of the country, we won’t succumb to malicious statements from low sighted individuals. Do you think tourism alone can salvage our economy from a total collapse? Perhaps you are not affected by the current status quo. Selfish ingrate.

Protest will force the hands of the authorities to do what’s right since they don’t understand the cheap language of silence and follow, follow!.

Ousman Ibn Abdullah


Re: Deputy Speaker addresses World Inter-parliamentary Union on gender

The deputy speaker has no statistics to back his claim with. How many women sit on the PSC? How many women sit on the CBG board? How many women chair parastatal boards or even sit on them? How many women hold key positions in the National Assembly? How many women hold key positions in government? How many women sit on the SSHFC board? How many women are advisers to the president? How many women are on the Hajj Commission? How many women are members of cabinet?

Dembo Fanta Bojang


Dear Editor,

Don’t listen to Seedy Njie. Left to him, we would be plunged into a civil war. In 2016, we voted a dictator out, and the dictator accepted but the likes of Seedy Njie later persuaded the former president to rescind his decision. It was this guy who went on the national TV and said the former president won’t step down. This caused lots of problems. Some ran away and there were road accidents. So, the likes of Seedy Njie are in this position for themselves not for the general public. Whatever script he was reading from doesn’t hold any water.

‘Bul Faaleh’