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Re: People of The Gambia, my people, our people!

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By Momodou Camara

Good afternoon my brothers and sisters, elders and human family relations and extensions be it black, white, Chinese or blue chips. I love humanity and I love the rains and sunshine and may it dawn and dwell under your feet and family!
There are very few things I know despite I am 45 years old and how long will it take for me to discover the remaining things I do not know before death greets my family? Sad, isn’t, yes it is that death is the ultimate winner?
Therefore, it is only prudent that I only fear Allah, do what is right always, work my socks off, but an empire that my children will inherit and not be 9 to 5 job people, do lots of “Nafilas” as many as my legs can support while I am still healthy, love my children and educate them well be masters of their own destinies, be brave for humanity and stand up for truth, justice and independence, support good causes and the people with disabilities seen and visible, extend my networks in all spheres, save as much as I can afford as tomorrow is another day, grow trees and dig wells and on and on and on and on and on……………………….!
Why should I be perturbed about my chances, my fortunes, my level of consciousness, my age and when I am going to die, where is my next meal going to come from, where is my next big money avenue going to come from, when next will I fall ill or get a stomach ache??????? Therefore, I am clueless about what tomorrow holds for me or for any other person? I am just another ordinary person and clueless wanderer? A Fula Shepard and schooling came as an accident! All praises due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and the Master of the Day of Judgment, Amen!


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Be your brother and sister’s keeper
‘Tobaski’ is approaching and I will advice the following people to take note of the following:
v CEOs, Heads of Institutions and Director Generals
v Self-style Millionaires and Billionaires
v Semesters
v Rich Resident Gambians
v Influential Politicians and Larger-than-Life-Characters in our midst
v You know you have it and you can
Now that we are under 27 days to ‘TOBASKI’ and I will implore all the above 6 to serve humanity and help people and help your families especially the village dwellers and staff in means and ways that are ethical and in line with, natural justice, traditional norms and values, Service Rules, Acts, Organisational cultures and the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia.

Remember, all your policies, rules, importance of offices, impact on service delivery will in the end translate into zero rating if it does not affect people and people’s lives directly or indirectly? Your life and your substance will count to NOT if at the end of the day it did not change anything or any life or lives! All positions are temporal in life and do your very best for your people, our people and Gambians while you are still at the hem. When all is over and solitary confinement steps in and you are alone without the hype, vibe and cash flows you can then look back and be proud of your works and legacy! The opposite is a disgrace and a Big dotted Failure Balance Sheet in the service of the people.

If you are to send money from overseas for rams and sundries, please do so now so that they get the best rams, clothes and the rest of it?
If you are to pay 1 by 6 do it now so that your staff can be well prepared before the day of ‘Tobaski’? What an insult to pay 1 by 6 days before the Pray when the cost of rams have already gotten out of reach for the average Gambian wage earner?
If you are to pay salaries, do it now so that your staff can plan and execute their must-dos towards ‘Tobaski’ on time and in time for peace and camaraderie?
If you are to help a neighbor and friends because you have excess do it now and do not seek permission from anybody to do God’s wish?
If you are to sign that cheque for people to help themselves for ‘Tobaski’, do it now and do not show them how important your pen is and how are you in the line and protocols of office administration? It is service for your people and service for The Gambia, you should not wait for people to cajole you and get the heat and see themselves in the red tape that sometimes go with some civil servants and Big-Up Managers and Directors!
If you are to approve some payment of some kind for people who are dependent on you please do so now so that they can prepare well? After all life is a challenge so do not let your fellow man feel bad about something that you can do and should do for them but for some reasons you opt to make it so difficult! We are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day and all your expenses come to sunk figures the day after ‘Tobaski’! Watch out Sir!
The issues are very clear, what is the meaning of life and what is life’s purpose and what is your legacy and after all what are we living for? I leave that to you and please we are not in a GAME OF WINNERS OR LOSERS as far as preparing for ‘Tobaski’ is concern but people are very important and strategic to whatever agenda you wish to propagate or sell.
My ‘Tobaski’ slogan is …… ‘Be Good; Do Good; Good Shall Follow You to the End of Your Days and Your End Shall Be Good’!
I know and I hold it Dear that before you develop the country I will urge you to develop the people and the people will develop the country in return.
Food for the brain!
Think, think, think and think!

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Gambia for All!
Peace and Love!!
Unity for is Our Strength!!!

Mr. Momodou Camara
Chartered Accountant
Deputy Director of Audit
Staff Representative on the SSHFC Board of Directors

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