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Re: Police confirm mass arrest of Gambian youths by Senegalese soldiers


Dear Editor,

This is really disturbing and sad. The Senegalese always cross our borders especially around Baddibu to come and find firewood. No one tells them anything or lifts a finger. They come with their horse carts and cart away wood from The Gambia. Nobody chases them away. But from now on, we will not sit and see our brothers suffer at the hands of the Senegalese securities while Senegalese enter and go out of our country freely. We will also counter them now and control their movements. Tit for tat, they say is a fair game.

Samba T Conteh


Dear Editor,

These Senegalese soldiers are very useless. That is why their president, Macky Sall, is treating them anyhow he wants. Free our boys within the next 72 hours! I blame our useless government for allowing these useless Senegalese soldiers to have power to arrest our boys. Don’t they have better things to do? Their dictatorial president, Macky Sall, is oppressing the opposition and the citizens in their country. Let them deal with that!

Mohammed Mane

Bremen, Germany

Dear Editor,

Our Gambian youths should avoid going into Senegal. Simple. Senegalese forces are not joking with the security along their border since the destruction and occupation of the nine bases of Salif Sadio in March 2022. Our Gambian youths should avoid that area if they don’t want to put themselves in trouble. Period.

Ebrima Kebbeh


Gatsa gatsa rek nga abal’nyu

Dear Editor,

So Senegalese president Macky Sall and his judge think that opposition leader Ousmane Sonko calling for change and reforms in Senegal equates to “corrupting the youths” and therefore saw fit to sentence him to two years imprisonment. It’s stupid beyond belief. 

There’s no justice system in Senegal. I don’t know how anyone could call for respect for the rule of law and the institutions of the state in Senegal?

How could any judge sentence the opposition leader in a democracy for calling for change and reforms in the country? Isn’t calling for change and national development the job of the opposition leader in a democracy?

And some people are in support of Macky, the judge and the judgement imprisoning Sonko for calling for change and national development. How could anyone possibly support such an intolerable state of affairs in Senegal?

Sonko is likely to be the next president of Senegal and it’s very difficult to see how the tyrant Sall could last the month of June in power. Macky, his government officials and the people plying the corridors of power in Senegal are out of touch. They don’t know what they are doing.

Macky has started a political battle that he will lose. His actions are as stupid as Zelenskyy provoking Russia into invading Ukraine. Stupid and greedy people always end up destroying everything for themselves and others. Macky is a goner.

Just like in Senegal, the people of The Gambia are fed up with their president. But the problem with the politics for change in The Gambia is that the main opposition leader, Ousainu Darboe, is clueless. He is as clueless as the sitting president. There’s no politics calling for change and national development in The Gambia. Darboe’s politics is the same stupid politics and economics like presidents Barrow and Sall. The Gambia needs an opposition leader who will call for change and reforms in The Gambia.

Ultimately, President Barrow cannot continue to be the president of The Gambia.

And we don’t want another president like President Barrow: a president who doesn’t understand the policy requirements of The Gambia for change and national development.

The UDP is the only political agency for change in The Gambia. But the UDP needs a leader; a leader who has the clue to lead The Gambia and a leader who understands the type of policies to pursue in government for change and national development. But we can’t force President Barrow out under a weak UDP leadership and a clueless opposition leader.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

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