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Monday, October 2, 2023

Re: The Gaza conflict


I write to laud the step taken by the Gambia Government in calling for a truce in the latest round of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. I support this move for two reasons: first as a Muslim-dominated country and second, as an important member of the international community nations.  Hence The Gambia cannot stand and watch such an injustice being perpetuated against fellow Muslims in the month of Ramadan.

At a time when many Muslims around the world are keeping mute while the Palestinian Muslims are victims of a genocide, with their homes being torn by missiles while the world leaders keep their calm as if nothing happens, it is wise for our government to take a stance and spell out in clear terms their dissatisfaction with the whole scenario. Anything less on the side of other world leaders is hypocrisy.

Ever since a state of Israel has been created in the Middle East, that part of the world has been subjected to bitter feuds. It seems that peaceful co-existence does not form part of their vocabulary, and their blatant disregard for the sanctity of right to life of the Palestinians is unspeakable. Israeli government after Israeli government has adopted the policy of non-engagement with the Palestinian people and their governments. Palestinian leaders including the great Yasser Arafat have been branded ‘terrorists’ and sacrificed on the altar of the so-called ‘national security’ of the Israelis. 

What is amazing is how world leaders, including those of the US, have chosen to ignore all the crimes perpetuated against the Palestinian people for the past decades? I wonder if the US will adopt the same policy if Israel had been the one on the receiving end of the bombardments and killings. Will the allies (UK, Germany, France and the other powers) continue to be ‘unbothered’ even as women and children are pieces by Israeli missiles, torn to pieces. They should take action to curtail the spate of violence being meted by the Israelis to innocent civillians. Making statements and condemnations will only fall on deaf ears as the killing and destructions continue. There needs to be a united voice and action against Israel – sanctions maybe, or some sort of military action – whose message will be clear that the world will not sit around and witness genocide being committed against an innocent population.

Although I am a born Muslim, I am not writing from a religious point of view. It is not Muslim versus Jew. It is the oppressive mighty versus the helpless weak. Israel should be reined in. The world must act to stop this madness.

If all the world leaders and citizens see it these way, I am sure some action will be taken to end this killings and compel the Israeli nation and their government to recognise the rights of the Palestinians.


Lamin Jimbara

Kotu East


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