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Reactions to “missing millions”

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By Amadou M Jadama Gambians from all walks of life have been speaking about the reported missing millions and other luxurious vehicles in the aftermath of former president Yahya Jammeh’s exile. The Standard gathered comments on the topic as questions keep emerging about the alleged looting of state coffers. The president of the National Literacy and Debating Society Yerro Mballow, said: “I was shocked over the issue when the news broke out stating that the former president Yahya Jammeh has absconded with some Gambian money amounting to the tune of 11 million US Dollars including other assets belonging to the state.” Mr Mballow added that if what is said about Yahya Jammeh is true, then “the best thing to do is let the former president Jammeh to hand over all things including assets that belong to the country.” He further stressed that as a president your ultimate target should be the people and that every president should be a servant to his or her people. He added that the former president should have made it clear before leaving what legally belongs to him. “To me every Government that is defeated in an election should relinquish power and hand over what belongs to the country including vehicles to the new president,2 he said, “What Gambia has experienced last year’s election is just enough and should not be repeated by anybody.” Oustas Demba Yarboe Sukuta Nema said: “Looting state properties should not be done. Former president should be arrested and kept him in mile two for the bad things he has committed. Yahya Jammeh had been saying that he loves this country her people but really he does not love the Gambia and her people owing to the act he had committed after the announcement of the December 1 election won by president Adama Barrow, and he refused to hand over power to him.” Alhagie SI Drammeh, a teacher, suggested: “The new Government should endeavour to bring this money back to the state coffers and develop our country. This is huge money. By the time Jammeh was taking this huge amount of money the people in charge are they not aware of it? It is also alleged that 9 hundred million US dollars was also stolen by the former president Jammeh and sent it to panama, if this is true I am urging him to bring it back to the state.” Mr Drammeh called on new government to improve the education system in the country and go back to the old system and consider the status of the teachers.]]>

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