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Gambians talk on expectation of new government

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By Aminata Camara Gambians from across the country have been speaking about their expectations of the new government. Speaking to The Standard Yankuba Sissoho, Secretary General Sonikara Namasanou, said now that the political impasse has been resolved peacefully the new government should ensure that they pay attention to the needs of the Gambian people. “It’s high time that the new government concentrated on meeting the needs of electorate in ensuring that they bring the country to where we all want it to be. They should focus on constitutional and administrative reforms among others,” he said. He continued: “I’m also very grateful to our neighbors Senegal for the maturity they demonstrated during the political impasse. President Barrow’s swearing-in in Dakar was not what we wished for, but all the same as it was due to some circumstances beyond their control.” Sissoho further emphasized that the new government should ensure that they respect the fundamental rights of citizens, press freedom and good governance. “No country can go without the security of the media, because I for one would prefer a country without a government than a country without a free press,” he said. He added: “The new government if they are going to have any chance of creating job opportunities for youths they must create more skills development centers for the young people. They should also ensure that they bring not only free education but quality education in the country.” Ensa Kinteh, a student of the UTG Faculty of Law, said after the swearing-in of president Adama Barrow in foreign land but Gambian territory,y it is time that the new government started moving ahead for a better Gambia. “The government should ensure that the human rights record in the Gambia is improved to international level. They should also ensure that they defend the Constitution at all giving times for the interest of accountability. They should understand that the world is watching and any mistake they make, they would be accounted for it,” he said. He said looking at President Adama Barrow’s team there are high hopes within Gambian youth that they will serve the interest of the country. “The issue of social justice is in fact in process, people are at the moment freely expressing themselves without been threatened. I hope the trend continues. Debates and constructive criticisms will only bring about a healthy government and the new government should understand that,” he noted. For her part, Lama Jallow pointed out that the new government should realise the fact that they are taking over a country that is highly indebted and many youths unemployed.]]>

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