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Rekindling the 3 or 5 years debate


In 2016, Gambians from all walks of life made a commitment – both individually and collectively – to bring about a change of government. It was deemed by many that the time had come to change leadership.

Thus, the political parties came together and formed a coalition which was intended to oust the former president, Yahya Jammeh. During their meetings to strategize, they came up with the idea that whoever the standard-bearer would be, s/he will serve as president of a transitional government which will rule for three years to bring about reforms.

They embarked on a campaign to sell that idea to the Gambian people. They promised to introduce reforms on almost all areas of governance. They promised that such a government will sit for three years and then make the playing field level and organize elections.

It was on that promise that Gambians based their reason for voting President Adama Barrow into office. However, after winning the election, some people in the country pointed out that the Constitution of the country stipulates five years for the presidential term. Thus, according to them, it would be wrong for the president to serve for only three years and leave.

There used to be a debate on this but of late it has gone quiet. The disintegration of the Coalition makes it harder to decide which side of the fence one sits. It is necessary for the government to come out plainly and inform the citizens where they want to draw the line. Will this government serve for three or five years?

We are asking for a clarification.

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