Researcher advocates entrenchment of fight against FGM in Gambia


In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Inger-Lise Lien who is an author of a book on criminology said: “I think FGM is bad. It takes away something that God has created and has negative consequences. The World Health Organisation distinguishes the practice between four types and the consequences ranges. You can have bleeding, children can die, urinary problems and lots of other health problems. Sometimes the people cannot see the connection but the practice can have a lot of consequences.  

“Of course I would like to partner with the campaigners. Gambian children should be cared for and they should particularly be protected them against the removal of their body parts.  These children have rights and they have to be protected, especially for girls. Sometimes people have a culture and they think it is good when it has negative consequences. This happens in all cultures and all countries and they must stop. The government also has a very big role to play in the protection of children.”