Researcher says tribal voting manifested in election


Lamin Dampha, head of the respected opinion pollster CepRass which accurately predicted President Barrow’s victory in the just-concluded presidential election has said that tribal voting was very much manifested in the election.

He told The Standard in an expansive interview that:

“From our poll, the Mandinka respondents were divided. Clearly, you can see it was a massive, massive, probably, over 90 percent of other tribes swaying to President Barrow. That is the fact, and that is what was manifested in this election.”


Also according to Mr Dampha, the NPP ran the most successful campaign in the history of this country adding that money too played a part. “But of course elections are about money and the NPP have committed huge amounts of resources, in terms of cash, to ensure they get to where they are,” Dampha added.

Mr Dampha also demised allegations that CepRass was bankrolled by the NPP hence the favourable pre-election survey results for the party.

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