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I respect President Barrow- Kandeh

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By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said that political leaders should not allow their political affiliation to divide them, adding as a political leader, he has a lot of respect for President Adama Barrow.
Mamma Kandeh said his criticism of the government is not meant to disrespect the new government or President Barrow, but to ensure there is transparency and accountability.

He said President Barrow is not his enemy or opponent. “He is my president and I respect him, but notwithstanding I will not spare him one second, if he does something that is not in the interest of the Gambia and its people,” Kandeh said. “As politicians we should always remember the fact that, we are all looking for the same purpose, which is to deliver a better Gambia that all its citizens want to see,” Kandeh told journalists recently in Banjul where he participated in a cleaning exercise.

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He called on all Gambians irrespective of tribe or party affiliation to come together as one as one people.
Kandeh also presented 100 bags of cement and excavators to dig up the gutters in Banjul for the smooth flow of water.

“We all have the same intention and that is to develop the Gambia and each and everyone one of us is saying he can do better, so it is important that we don’t let our political interest divide us or our people who are looking up to us,” he said.

On whether his intervention in the city was politically motivated, Kandeh said the assistance is a humanitarian gesture, “this has nothing to do with politics, but as my contribution to national development as a citizen.”
“You see, even before I joined politics, I have been assisting people and I will continue to do that till my last breath,” he said.

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