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Rice farmers’ association boss warns Barrow

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By Amadou Jadama The president of the Rice Farmers’ Association in North Bank Region, who is a staunch supporter of the UDP, has called on President Adama Barrow not to allow any split between him and Ousainu Darboe. Sambou Dampha, a native of Baddibu Jajary made this warning Wednesday in an exclusive interview with The Standard. “There are a lot of unnecessary talks in the country. President Barrow should be mindful of those people around him not to mislead him to betray Ousainu Darboe and UDP,” he said, adding that such people may be self centered. Mr Dampha said there is a rumour about Barrow intending to form a political party. “We cannot do anything about that but I want to assure him that if he forms a party different from UDP, we are not going to follow him,” Dampha stressed. He said Barrow should know that he came to power through the votes of the farmers and the victims of human rights violations, who decided oust to Yahya Jammeh. “He must remove all those people around him advising him to split with the UDP before they make him to fail,” Dampha, who claimed to be speaking to for most UDP supporters, warned. “I know that president Barrow has no problem, very calm, gentle, respectful and never in a rush but he should be mindful of the people around him,” he advised.]]>

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