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Rights group wants April 10-11 as National Martyrs day

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Solo Sandeng full

Press Release

We believe that the victims of the former regime deserve recognition in the new dispensation; which is why during the first commemoration of the April 10 and 11, 2000 Massacre in the post-Jammeh era, we petitioned the Barrow administration “to recognize April 10/11 as a public or school holiday.” We are yet to receive a response from the government.
We believe that the dates of April the 10th / 11th mark a low point in the annals of Gambian history, and whilst specifically remembering the massacre of the children, it symbolically remembers ALL of Jammeh’s victims, both before and after.
When the April 10/11 heroes took to the streets on April 10 and 11, 2000, they came out to denounce impunity in our society, because two of their schoolmates were abused by the security forces in the country and nothing came out of it.

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Judging by the names of the deceased victims, it appears the victims came from a cross-section of the society, representing all tribes, religions, and economic backgrounds. Below we reproduce the names of the victims and the cause of death as established in the “Commission of Enquiry Report into the April 10/11 disturbances”
1. Reginald Carroll, student of La Fourmi Institute, died of gunshot wounds
2. Karamo Barrow, former student of the Institute for Continuing Education, died of gunshot wounds
3. Lamin Bojang, student of Nusrat Senior Secondary School, died of gunshot wounds
4. Ousman Sabally, student of Brikamaba Upper Basic School, died of gunshot wounds
5. Sainey Nyabally
6. Ousman Sembene
7. Bakary Njie
8. Claesco Pierra, resident of New Jeshwang, died of gunshot wounds
9. Momodou Lamin Njie, student of Gambia Technical Training Institute, died of gunshot wounds
10. Wuyea Foday Mansareh, student of Tallinding Islamic Institute, died of gunshot wounds
11. Bamba Jobarteh, Bansang
12. Momodou Lamin Chune, student of Latrikunda Middle School, died of gunshot wounds
13. Abdoulie Sanyang, from Old Jeshwang, died from accidental trampling
14. Babucarr Badjie, 10-year-old student, died of gunshot wounds
15. Omar Barrow, journalist
16. Unknown Child – body never identified
We implore the government to declare April 10 a National Martyrs Day holiday and erect a fitting and lasting memorial, not just as a tribute to the fallen heroes of April 10 and 11, 2000, but as a tribute to ALL those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of The Gambia during the dictatorship years.

Declaring April 10 a National Martyrs Day holiday will unite us in remembering all the victims of the dictatorship and inculcate in our youths the notion of sacrificing for the common good. This will also bring some solace to the families of the deceased, who to this day have not received justice from the authorities. None of the victim s have been compensated.
To this day no Gambian has been held responsible for the massacre of the heroes of April 10 and 11, 2000, despite the findings of the commission of inquiry set up by the government in the aftermath of the massacre and the naming of some of those responsible.
April 10th a fitting date to remember ALL our brave Martyrs.
Source: April 10-11 memorial foundation

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