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A large crowd of supporters of former president Yahya Jammeh’s Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction gathered in Lamin yesterday to hear and show solidarity to the agenda for ‘No Coalition’ with the National Peoples Party.

The meeting was called by a group of APRC supporters including prominent former and current senior officials opposed to the idea of forming a coalition with the NPP of President Adama Barrow. The rival group accused the Fabakary Tombong Jatta executive of selling the party to Barrow against the advice of founder and former president Jammeh, whose last public message was for the party not to join any group to contest the election. The FTJ-led executive has always denied that, saying they are working for the interest and with the blessing of Jammeh.

However, speaking in audio recorded from the meeting, Alagie Sanyang said the Lamin meeting was well attended by responsible members of the party who are strictly working according to the advice of Jammeh.

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”Yahya Jammeh told everybody in an audio with the FTJ executive that the APRC will not join any party. Unless we hear Jammeh’s voice again saying something else, we are saying no to any coalition. We are here in full force. This meeting is very impressive and very important, given the attraction it has among responsible APRC male members. Anyone who thinks that he owns APRC would come to think again. Operation no to Coalition is a big force that will impact in a big way,” Sanyang said from the meeting venue.

Writing from London, a staunch critic of the FTJ executive and big force behind the no-coalition agenda, Lamin Tamba said: “NO TO BARROW AND NPP ALLIANCE is getting off the ground. This is just the beginning. Like we said, any betrayal of Jammeh for poor Barrow’s sake will fail.

Foundations are being laid for APRC’s presidential campaign.

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Funds will be raised! Mobilisation and ground works have begun!

Can’t betray us or bully the great party’s supporters and expect no response.

We don’t mind an alliance but must be supported by Professor Jammeh and the general APRC membership. The few can’t be taking handouts at the expense of the many. Can’t force people in politics. APRC has the best policies but you will never hear them talk about them.

APRC has now turned into UDP: character assassinations and fake news propagation.

APRC leaders never talk about APRC anymore. It’s all about Barrow and his NPP and how much they’ll get from him. Won’t happen”.

Meanwhile, the rival group’s meeting was also attended by MA Bah, former Interior Minister Bah who was expelled by the FTJ executive, former Speaker Abdoulie Bojang, executive member Abdou Jarju among a host of prominent APRC supporters and former senior officials.

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