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Rival PPP Faction Asks Leadership To Resign

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Scores of people claiming to be chairmen and women, elders, and youth members of the People’s Progressive Party, have called on the recently elected leadership of the party to resign.
The members made this call in a communiqué they called the ‘Bakau Declaration’ after a meeting at the President’s International Award Scheme in Bakau on Saturday.
According to the declaration, the members have endorsed veteran Alhaji Yahya Ceesay as Interim chairman of the party and called for the setting up of a task force that will steer the affairs of the party in the mean time.
According to the declaration shared with The Standard, this move has come about because of what they called a
manipulated, undemocratic and flawed congress which took place in December 2018.

The declaration reads in full:
“People’s Progressive Party (PPP)

The Bakau Declaration
We, the Chairmen and the Chairwomen, elders and youth members of the PPP meeting at the Conference Hall of the President’s International Youths Award Scheme in Bakau, on Saturday 19th January 2019, wish to declare as follows: Noting the fraudulent and irresponsible conduct of the sixth congress of the PPP held at Kanifing from 28th to 30th December, 2018 that showed no regards or respect for the tradition, established practice and procedure in the conduct of the Party’s Congresses; Noting the deliberate and cynical attempt to impose a non-party member as the Secretary General of the Party contrary to section 3-(1) of the Party’s Constitution; The deploring the registration of non-party members as delegates who voted in the elections of the last Party Congress in violation of Article 8 of the Party’s Constitution;
Determined to safeguard the values, principles, legacy and integrity of the Party;

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Hereby declare as follows:
Condemn as fraudulent the results of the elections held at the Sixth National Congress;
Request that the leadership that emerged from these elections resign immediately;
Request that Party members promoting actions aimed at dividing the Party desist forthwith from such action; Endorse Alhaji Yahya Ceesay as the Interim Chairman of the Party;
Request the immediate establishment of the Secretariat and Party Bureau to spearhead the political rejuvenation of the Party;
Finally, select a special Task Force to oversee the entire reorganization of the Party.”

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