Sabally inspires graduating students, calls on youths to maintain peace


Former Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally, has advised young people to take their education seriously and build up themselves to become productive citizens in a prosperous society thriving in peace and harmony.
Sabally made these remarks Tuesday November 12, while addressing graduating students at ABC Schools in Jeshwang.

He harped on the importance of education, advising the graduates: “Do not ever be complacent with your attainments on this path of education. There is always something important to learn and there will always exist the need to improve and update your stock of knowledge in this Information Age. The key to sustainable progress for individuals as well as nations is continuous education; lifelong learning is a must for those who wish to go beyond the shallow waters of mediocrity and subsistence levels of existence into the banks of abundance and prosperity.”

Sabally further emphasised the need for young people to be patient in their pursuit of success and to avoid dangerous paths like the hazardous illegal migration phenomenon called the backway “My advice to you is to shun the bait of instant gratification and to get ready to give it your all and to make the necessary sacrifices so that you can enjoy the juicy fruits of delayed gratification. This is the path that was taken by all the great achievers of the world: This is the path taken by Sir Winston Churchill, the late Sir Dawda Jawara, Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft; and Gina Bass, our new sprint heroine!”


In his concluding remarks, he implored the students, and youths in general, to live the spirit of patriotism, unity, and allegiance to our common good, as inscribed in our national anthem.

“I have always averred that the peace and stability of this country can only be maintained if you the youths of this country decide to choose peace and harmony over division and anarchy. We may have our petty disagreements and suffer some annoyances but nothing is worth the destruction of our long-cherished peace and stability in this gem called the smiling coast of Africa!” Sabally asserted.