Sabally intends to run for parliament

Sabally intends to run for parliament


Firebrand UDP stalwart Momodou Sabally, has announced he intends to contest for the Busumbala Constituency under the UDP ticket in the April National Assembly elections.

He broke the news on Facebook yesterday, saying: “I have formally submitted a letter of intent to our relevant party officials in my bid to stand for the UDP in the upcoming National Assembly Election for the Busumbala Constituency. If selected by my party I hope to pull off a landslide victory (inshaa Allah) and serve to attain, among other purposes:

o          protection and promotion of the sovereignty of the republic


o          improvement of the welfare of the residents of Busumbala Constituency

o          fight for responsible and responsive fiscal policy so that our tax payers get their money’s worth in deliverables

o          promulgation and promotion of real youth and women’s empowerment legislature

o          supporting environmental protection and cultural authenticity.”