Sabally joins Barrow youth movement


Momodou Sabally has announced that he has joined the President Barrow Youths for National Development (PBYND). Sabally, an economist by training, served in various capacities under former president Yahya Jammeh. He was minister, secretary general, head of GRTS, Daily Observer and even secretary general of the APRC before he fell out and was jailed by Jammeh. Despite these hiccups, Mr Sabally has maintained a strident public voice. Over the past week, his social media postings and commentaries in other media indicate that he has thrown his weight behind President Barrow. Reached by The Standard to comment on this yesterday, Momodou Sabally wrote: “I have always had close relationship with the young people that initiated the President Barrow Youths for National Development. This relationship predates their establishment of this youth platform for some of them and for others it’s lasted more than a year now. Most of them are my friends and mentees. I have now decided to be a member of this platform and I believe that the PBYND has a great potential to be a critical catalyst in the implementation of the president’s National Development Plan, as well as to foster unity and national reconciliation. “My trip to Basse to witness the president’s groundbreaking ceremony for his roads and bridges project in the URR, has further inspired me to play a more active role in the activities of the President Barrow Youths for National Development. These youths are a positive force for nation building and I look forward to the expansion of their platform.”]]>