Saintfiet should either stay or leave for good


Rumors going around have it that Tom Saintfiet has been offered a deal by Ghana after Otto Ado stepped down as head coach following his team’s premature World Cup exit.

According to Gamfoot transfers, Coach Saintfiet has addressed these rumors, saying: “I have not been contacted by Ghana, but if the right offer comes I will leave, I have had several offers but if the right offer comes I will go for it”.

From his response, the National Scorpions’ head coach already made it obvious that he would not be hesitant to leave The Gambia for the “right offer”. His statement clearly indicates he will not think twice about ditching the scorpions for better and more lucrative deals, and with the AFCON qualifiers just around the corner, the national team deserves better.


The Gambia must not continue to settle for the bare minimum. The national team needs a coach that is willing to stay with them instead of waiting to grab offers in these crucial moments. In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, Tom Saintfiet should be relieved of his duties as head coach. He cannot be here and looking forward to leaving. He should either stay or leave and stop treating Gambian football as if it were some joke.

At this point, The Gambia should have been scouting for Tom’s replacement following his statements. Clearly, he is one leg in and one leg out, and that kind of coach is bad for a team that has just started making a name for itself. Based on their performance in the 2021 AFCON, the scorpions have the quality needed to do even better, but that will require and a more committed and consistent manager. Something needs to be done and the time is now!