Sanementereng NAM dispels rumours she joined NPP

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By Lamin Cham

The National Assembly Member for Sanemetereng, Fatou Cham elected on the ticket of the opposition UDP, has released an audio dismissing rumours that she has shifted allegiance to the ruling NPP.

The audio, widely circulated on social media, obtained by The Standard, came after the NAM said she felt it necessary to reassure her electorate who may be misled by the rumours.


“I initially did not feel it necessary but on reflection and with the realization that the whole business about representation is based on trust at all times between the representative and the electorate, and in order to protect  and maintain that trust, I came out today to assure  UDP supporters and indeed all Sanementereng  voters that I belong to the UDP and only death will make me stop being a member of the party. I know some people who love me and the party may be obliged to feel confused about the rumours because of their love and loyalty. But they must never be worried about my loyalty, I am UDP forever,” Madam Cham said.

She added she is representing the whole of will speak for the entire constituency on matters dealing with nation.

”I feel that the people of my constituency have made a very progressive choice by electing a woman and they must not be let down and I will endeavour to serve as a true representative to the best of my ability,” Madam Cham said.