Saul Badjie not omitted from White Paper


Following rumours on social media that former State Guard commander, Saul Badjie was not mentioned in the recently issued government White Paper despite being recommended for prosecution by the TRRC, the Ministry of Justice has said that is not the case.

Badjie, who returned recently from Equatorial Guinea where he fled with ex-president Yahya Jammeh, has been found by the TRRC to be part of the Junglers accused of perpetrating heinous crimes during Jammeh’s rule.

 However, many people have commented that his name or case has not been featured in the government White Paper.


However, MoJ has referred The Standard to the relevant part of the White Paper covering Saul Badjie: “Saul Badjie may not have been mentioned by name in the White Paper but recommendation 2 of theme 9 titled ‘The Junglers – Unlawful Killings, Tortures and Other Human Rights Violations’ captured him. It states ‘(2) Prosecution of all the Junglers and other persons listed for their complicity in crimes referred to in this report subject to the grant of amnesty that the Amnesty Committee may recommend’. That recommendation includes Sulayman Badjie because that is exactly the way the TRRC itself captured it in their recommendation. Even though they found him to be a onetime commander of the Junglers and also complicit in the attempted murder of Lawyer Ousman Sillah and other crimes, they only named him in their findings but the recommendations were made against him and others collectively and that is how the White Paper captured it as well.”