Man denies killing fellow worshipper at mosque


By Binta A Bah

Bubacarr Darboe who’s accused of killing one Lamin Darboe, an ex-military officer, has appeared at the High Court in Banjul denying the allegation.

Darboe, 26, broke down in tears as the single charge of murder was read to him. He is accused of causing the death of Lamin Darboe with malice aforethought by hitting him with a cement block on his head while performing abolution at the mosque. According to prosecutors, the incident took place on 9th January 2022 in Fajikunda.


Immediately after his plea of not guilty, the widow Kinneh Faal took to the witness box to testify about the incident surrounding her husband’s death.

According to her, on the day of the incident, her husband left the house for the masjid to observe the 5pm prayer together with his youngest son but was informed some minutes later by her neighbor that her husband was rushed to the Fajikunda health center.

“I ran to the hospital but I found the nurses fixing drips on him as he was in a difficult condition. He was not speaking and his eyes were closed,” she said, adding that they were later referred to the Ndeban clinic where a machine was fixed on him to help him breathe.

She told the court that she decided to go home to check on her kids later in the night but was called from the hospital that her husband had died. She said she then called the accused’s aunt that Bubacarr has killed her husband.

The trial continues.