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Seedy Njie counters MC Cham

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By Alagie Manneh

Former APRC spokesperson Seedy Njie has described as “misleading” and “deceptive” comments by GDC youth mobiliser MC Cham, who said president Barrow has “lost his focus” in terms of development priorities for The Gambia.
The president faced widespread criticism following his announcement that funds have been secured to build 60 mosques across the country.

The GDC youth mobiliser, MC Cham, who was one of the fierce critics of the project, said mosques are not The Gambia’s problem, and as a secular state, if the president does that and fails to build another 60 churches, that will be “unfair” to Christians in The Gambia.
In his reaction, Seedy Njie said MC Cham ‘misconstrued’ the concept and his comments were “dangerous, and calculated to send the wrong message.”
According to him, it is in fact the President Barrow Youth Movement for National Development that is providing funding for the ambitious project.

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“If the youth movement wants to help push Gambia’s developmental goals, what is the problem with that?” he asked, adding that Karantaba in Sandu district are in dire need of a mosque.
“The roof of their mosque has been blown off by rain and they made a request.”
Njie said the youth movement raises money “on their own” and as such, they are at liberty to invest it in any area of development they desire.

“So it is misplaced for MC to say what he had said.
Government priority is embedded in the NDP.”
He accused the GDC youth mobiliser of “deliberately” misleading Gambians.
“As an executive member of a political party, condemning the construction of a mosque in the country is alarming.”

He said it was never Barrow’s intention to offend anyone or the Christian minority, as he made it “very clear” when he came to power that The Gambia belongs to all, irrespective of religion.
Njie said as a party, MC Cham and GDC should have commended such move.
“He [MC Cham] even condemned the construction of Banjul-Barra bridge. In fact, he could be seen twisting and turning positive initiatives by the president only to mislead people.”
He advised the GDC youth mobiliser to criticise “constructively”.

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