Seedy Njie has a hidden motive – UDP chairman


By Amadou M Jadama

Karamo Jadama, the regional chairman for United Democratic Party in North Bank Region, has reacted to former APRC spokesman Seedy Njie’s claims that he supports president Barrow 100 per cent, saying he doubts the sincerity of that statement.

Speaking to The Standard at his office Tuesday, Jadama said: “Seedy Njie’s sudden change of loyalty should be questioned for any hidden motives because I think he is the Number 1 enemy of President Barrow and the country. His enthusiastic blind loyalty to former President Jammeh at a time when the country and the world rejected him was too much to forget.”


“Seedy Njie is not important and I don’t understand why Barrow should even sit and talk with him,” he added.
Turning to the Njaba Kunda meeting in Central Baddibu, Jadama said they now have got a message from president Barrow that he never authorized any member from APRC neither GDC to form a Barrow Movement in Baddibu.

He repeated that these are mainly former APRC and GDC supporters who came there in the name of opening an office for the Barrow youths for development.
“We told them we cannot accept any splinter group from the coalition parties that backed Barrow,” he said.