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Selling your vote is like selling your soul

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Dear Editor,

I am appealing to all Gambians. We are approaching the local government elections, please do not sell your voter’s cards to NPP and APRC. If you sell your vote, you sell your soul. NPP and APRC have the same system of politics. The Gambia government has a corrupt bureaucracy. It is time Gambians stand up to this corrupt government and vote it out. This is beyond party politics, it’s about the future and the interest of the Gambian people. Our government officials do not have the interest of the Gambian people. They are only looking for their own personal gain which is not the interest of the Gambians and that’s why we should not vote for NPP and APRC for the future and in the interest of Gambian people. Corruption is like a pandemic in every corner of our government. I believe that it’s time the Gambian people sign a petition to impeach President Barrow and his corrupt government.

Omar Loum

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Post-2024 will be the high water mark in Gambian politics

Dear Editor,

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Gambian politics is reversing further into the abyss of darkness and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Ousmane Sonko and post-2024 in Senegal will determine the political reality in The Gambia vis-a-vis President Barrow and his government. In any case, the standards of politics in Senegal for change and national development are head and shoulder above the substandard politics in The Gambia from the opposition. There’s no serious politics in The Gambia.

Gambian politics doesn’t reflect the actual political and economic development policy needs of the country and the people.

Ousmane Sonko’s politics in Senegal reflects and represents the policy reforms imperative to change and develop the Senegalese economy.

I don’t know if the Senegalese will have to borrow us Sonko a few times and sprinkle some political and economic development policy ideas for change and national development in Gambian politics and politicians!

There’s no worthwhile politics and politicians in The Gambia in relation to change and national development. Politics in The Gambia is misinformed and misguided, the politicians are a lightweight.

Post-2024, the inevitable political change that will unfold in Senegal will have meaningful impact on Gambian politics. It will be great were Sonko elected president and the Senegalese troops withdrawn from The Gambia and Sonko and his new government taken shape and form in Senegal.

Then politics and political standards in The Gambia for change and national development will come under scrutiny in terms of capacity and competency.

At the moment, Gambian politics and politicians are behind the curve on capacity and competence in policy vision for change and national development.

Sonko and Senegal post-2024 will be the turning point in the political history of Senegal, West Africa and globally.

If you understand politics, finance and the economics of national development and the standards of Sonko’s policy agenda for government, change and national development, it’s not far-fetched to assume how transformational and impactful a Sonko presidency in Senegal will have across Africa and the world.

Sonko is a statesman, one in a million and his presidency in Senegal will have a significant political impact on Gambian politics post-2024. Until then, you can scramble over the local government elections and more of the same nonsense politics nationally. Nothing is going to change. We need more serious politics, politicians, policy ideas and agenda for government to change and develop The Gambia!

And listen, when Sonko is elected president and wants to adopt a different national currency for Senegal, The Gambia should explore avenues and seek to have a common currency with Senegal for cross border trade and international trade.

It’s much better for The Gambia working together with Senegal utilising a common currency for sub-regional trade and international trade than taking photos with the IMF staff.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


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