Letters to the Editor | Re: ‘Sheikh Sidia Bayo says ‘corruption is everywhere’


Dear Editor,

Let Sidia Bayo look into the dictionary and he will fine a different meaning than what he said about corruption. Corruption is not acceptable in Islam because it is said in the Qur’an that we should not do mischief in the land that means no one should misuse public funds because the money you are misusing doesn’t belong to you but the public and if anyone is found misusing public money, the person should face trial. Please let people stop encouraging embezzlement by giving such misinformation to the public like Sidia Bayo did in the interview with The Standard.

Ebrima Janneh



Dear Editor,

What this man, Sidia Bayo, said is incorrect. It is totally nonsensical. Bribery is corruption. Using public money for one’s personal needs is the corruption we are talking about. We cannot differentiate between bribery and corruption.

Bribery simply means illegally taking money from people for a service for which one is already paid for. Corruption means taking government money and using it on personal things. Anyway, both are similar in our understanding but corruption is a more virulent disease. Millions of dalasis are misused from public funds.

Ebrima Jobe


Dear Editor,

Sidia Bayo is sick and uneducated. He is a Muslim and doesn’t know that corruption is bad? When you are hired as a civil servant you are told how much you will be paid. You agree on the terms of your employment. You sign and whoever is your employer also signs. If you take anything besides what you agreed at the time of employment you are stealing and should be terminated and taken to court for abuse of office. Depending on the level of corruption, you should be tried in a court of law. In Islam, if you take something that doesn’t belong to you, it is haram. Just because salaries are low should not be a base for civil servants to steal. You have people in the community who have zero income but they do not steal other people’s properties. Brother Sidia, let us be realistic and face the fact that civil servants have no excuse to be corrupt

Essa Sillah

Woonsocket, Rhode Island


Dear Editor,

An academically barren individual like this boy, Sidia Bayo, shouldn’t be allowed to give such foolish comments on our media. He has no clue of what he is talking about. Lord help Gambia! All these wars in the world are due to corrupt practices perpetrated by our leaders who are given responsibilities to manage our affairs and resources.

Nfamara Sanneh


Dear Editor,

Sidia Bayo is the least informed person on Gambian matters. Who told this guy a bag of rice costs D2,500? For his information, a bag of rice (American rice for example), is at most D1,450. Sidia Bayo is always selling false stories, same cock and bull stories he was manufacturing and peddling under Jammeh. Very unfortunate.

Bass Sonko

Oxford, Oxfordshire


Dear Editor,

Corruption in any form is not good, therefore, let us wipe it out for the betterment of all in The Gambia. If we don’t flush it out at end of the day the majority will suffer and the minority will live in paradise in this world.