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SLA sets up choir

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Press release

Sabally Leadership Academy (SLA) a youth mentorship organization founded by former Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally has just established its first specialized talent group, SLA Choir. The group consists of young talented Gambians with the gift of inspiring voices.

The initiative kicked off during the SLA Summer Camp, held at the founder’s residence, August 2017. The outburst of inspiration during this camp revealed some talents among the campers, leading organizers to put up a group and embark on immediate training to enhance their talent. Having gone through weeks of training, SLA Choir will stage its first concert, December 16, 2017 at Coco Ocean Resort.

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The occasion will also mark the official launch of the Choir, which is being managed by Human Resources management expert, and personal branding consultant Jainaba Teeda Sarr.
The manager promises that “SLA Choir will mine our rich heritage, using traditional songs to foster patriotism, peaceful coexistence and cultural competence amongst young people.”

It will herald a turning point in the SLA youth mentorship programme as the institution begins a restructuring and upscaling programme to meet specialized needs and demands for its services in The Gambia and abroad.

In the new scheme being developed by the SLA, membership will henceforth be talent-based and academicians would be grouped into talent pools for the honing and commercialization of youth skills.

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