Sniper insecticide banned in Gambia


The Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides Control and Management Board, has announced a ban on SNIPER insecticides with immediate effect. The decision, according to a statement from the National Environment Agency, affects importation, warehousing/ stockpiling, distribution, sales and use of the product.

SNIPER is a pesticide product in wide circulation in The Gambia. The active ingredient in sniper product is Dichlorvos, an organophosphate compound, which is a banned product in most part of the world due to adverse effects they posed to human health and non-target species in the environment. The product has also never been registered by the Sahel Pesticides Committee.

 According to the board, the high concentration formulation (1000 g/L) coupled with the misuse of SNIPER product has led to fatalities, forcing government to impose a moratorium on its import and use in The Gambia in the recent past.


“In view of the aforementioned, consequently, all businesses are hereby warned to cease mportation of product with immediate effect. Businesses and individuals who are in possession of stockpiles of SNIPER are hereby given a grace period of Six (6) months that is until 31st October, 2022 to get rid of their products. Businesses and individuals are being warned to make the best use of this grace period stipulated herein and any activities otherwise would be in breach of the law and therefore shall face the undesirable consequences that come with it,” the statement said.