Solo Bojang accused of using president’s name to get land


Solo Bojang was in charge of the military post in the president’s birth village of Kanilai until late last year when he was dismissed. He has since been embroiled in multiple criminal lawsuits including accusations of abuse of office by acquiring land in the president’s name. 

Meanwhile, testifying before the magistrates court in Brikama yesterday, Captain Landing Tamba of State House said he was never aware of the president having any interest in a land in the village of AllaKunda in Casamance. 

Tamba who worked under Bojang in Kanilai explained: 


“One day, after work, Solo drove us to AllaKunda village. We went to the alkalo and Solo was discussing with him about a plot of land. It was that day that I knew Solo has developed some interest in a land in that village. 

“When I spoke to the alkalo of the village, he told me that Solo said he was sent by the president who developed interest in a plot of land in the village. The alkalo also informed me that Solo had told him that if that place was not given to the president, no one would be allowed to farm there.

“I told one Major Seedy Baldeh to go and investigate about the land in question. Our findings revealed that Solo Bojang was just using the president’s name to acquire the land in AllaKunda.”

Earlier during the proceedings, the accused person, Solo Bojang, was about to call his witness into the box when the prosecuting police officer, Superintendant Sainey Joof who had closed his case, informed the court that he wished to re-open with the same witness Landing Tamba as a defence witness. 

Presiding magistrate, Aji Amie Jagne, concurred: “I think the prosecution calling the same witness will do no injustice to the accused. I have gone through the submissions and in my view it will not harm the accused person to call on his witness for the state. I am told that both of you worked hand in hand. I understand that this witness is a crucial witness in this case and it does not matter which party he testifies for.”  The case resumes on April 15.


By Kebba Camara