SSHFC moves to bridge communication gaps with members

SSHFC moves to bridge communication gaps with members


The Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) has commenced discussions with members and stakeholders to promote open communication and member participation in decision making.

The corporation brought together members of different institutions ranging from the National Provident Fund (NPF) and the Federated Pension Scheme (FPS). The meeting gives members the opportunity to close ranks with elected Board representatives Abubakar Darbo and Memunatu Junisa Camara.

The half-a-day session organised by the corporation witnessed the formation of executive committees for both the NPF and FPS and the committees would be responsible for holding regular meetings with their SSHFC Board representatives. During these meetings the NPF and FPS reps will propose for the interest of members and seek answers about concerns raised by members.


Addressing the meeting, Ms Memunatu Camara said the formation of the executive committees is the first of its kind in the history of the corporation.

She said the committee will work collectively and take the opportunity to ask questions; give due attention to the committee and come up with a strategy to make sure it achieves a common goal that will be beneficial to members.

“This was the reason why we decided to form an executive group in order to make communication easy between the Board and members,” she said.

Also addressing the meeting, Abubakar Darbo said: “As FPS members, we thought there wasn’t much transparency in terms of flow of information. So because of that we thought it was necessary to come with measures to address these issues.”

He said the committee is now working on “a strategic way to ensure communication can flow from their member organizations to their executive, representatives and to the Board”.

“We think that is very fundamental and it has been the first since the existence of SSHFC. This meeting is hosted to make sure that we establish an executive that will be meeting regularly on behalf of all the members. The will serve as channel for members to express their views onward delivery to the SSHFC board,” Darbo said.

Darbo said since setting up of the committee, it has managed to validate a strategic plan for SSHFC.

“We were also able to approve the SSHFC information management system, which is a new IMS mechanism to harmonize all the work of the SSHFC,” he added.