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SSHFC staff on strike

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The standoff between the management and staff of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation yesterday worsened with staffers announcing at a general meeting that they have started a sit-down strike from noon.

Momodu Camara, spokesman of the dissatisfied staff members, said their decision came after the Staff Representative on the board of directors was allegedly thrown out of the maiden meeting of the new Board.
The staff members also alleged that the new board Chairman Mr. Sheriff Jallow, appointed mainly to resolve the issue, decided not to discuss the petition or make it an agenda for deliberations.
The staffers alleged the board dwelled on other infinitesimal issues instead of the substantive issue about the staff petition against managing director Mohammed Manjang who they staff accused of corruption among other things.

Mr Manjang has since denied those allegations. The staff who walked to State House recently to lodge a petition with President Barrow were promised that with the appointment of a new chairman, the matter would be resolved. But it turned out that it is still raging. The striking staff called on government to intervene and solve the impasse for the good of The Gambia.

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