Sunshine hands over 2 boreholes to schools

Sunshine hands over 2 boreholes to schools


By Amadou Jadama

Sunshine hands over 2 boreholes to schoolsThe solar water project was funded by Sunshine Water Project based in Manchester, UK.

Piere Mendy, the Principal of St. Aidan’s Basic Cycle School described the occasion as joyous, especially for the students.


He stated that the project came at a time when they were in need of water.

“This project was very important to us because water is life for us. It has lots of impact on us because the supply has helped us to get enough water which we will use on a daily basis for a long time,” he said.

Bakary Touray, head teacher of Busumbala Farato Annex Lower Basic School, said a major difficulty they faced since the inauguration of the school was water.

Mr Touray added that without water learning cannot take place.

He thanked the donors for their support.

Helen Gettings, who is a teacher in Madchester UK, spoke on behalf of the Sunshine Water Project. She revealed that they have been coming to The Gambia for 30 years,   and they always have a lovely times because of the hospitality of the Gambian people.

“So we decided that we should give something back. And we decided that water is an essential thing, so we like to provide them with a borehole in the schools because we know that without water, the schools cannot function,” she noted.

She implored the teachers and the students to properly maintain the boreholes and advised them to focus on their education.