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Supporting our nascent film industry

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Many young people are eager to pursue a career in the film industry as actors or producers. Many organisations have sprung up over the years geared towards providing a platform for the actualisation of the dream for an established film industry developed and run by Gambians. The country has a great potential both with creative minds and a receptive market for the few films that were produced here over the years.

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The creation of an environment for engendering the evolution of creativity is a binding necessity upon every nation if it must have continuity and renewal in all of its institutions. The plight of a nation that is stagnant in its creative pursuits will in the long run wither.


Vinasha Productions was a promising film company has gone silent over the years. Whether it was personal or from lack of support, it’s really sad that the recipient of two prestigious awards has to vanish without a trace from the scene. Many others are bound to end up that way without that foundational support which makes every great initiative survive the rough waters that comes with pursuit of the creative. 


Of course we acknowledge the fact that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and National Council for Arts & Culture have been working hard to make this a reality. It’s a good thing to realise that the government has stepped in and is contributing effectively. However, for young Gambians to realise their full potential in the film industry, there must be cooperation between all the stakeholders..


With veterans like Mr Waggeh, the young aspiring filmmakers, actors and producers can map out a solid base and with the help of other stakeholders, create a solid and vibrant industry that can contribute in the promotion of our cultural narrative by producing films that are representative of our people and our norms.


We live in volatile times. With the many voices of irrationalism and fundamentalism that now loom over our world, it becomes a necessity to use all mediums available to create awareness and spread the ethos of peace and tolerance which are a part of our heritage. 


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