Tallinding South councillor arrested

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By Aisha Tamba

Members of the opposition United Democratic Party has said their newly elected councilor of Tallinding South ward Karamo Ceesay was arrested by police on Sunday.

The party is yet to give details of the circumstances but the wife of the arrested councillor, Aminata Gomez, confirmed her husband was arrested and was being detained at the Anti-Crime Unit in Banjulinding


 She told online platform Kerr Fatou that the incident happened when militants of the National People’s Party NPP wanted to use the Tallingding Community Center premises for cooking ahead of their rally on Sunday. “They found that the place was locked but they broke the padlock and entered. That was the time my husband was informed and he went to find out and when he arrived at the centre, he got assaulted by the NPP militants in front of the Interior Minister Seyaka Sonko. He, Karamo reported the matter at the Bundung Police Station and came back to the centre,” Madame Ceesay alleged.

She further alleged that moments later the same police he reported the matter to came back to arrest him. “My brother visited him at the police station and was told by the police that Karamo must bring an ambulance if he wanted to be released. He was later moved to the Anti-Crime unit in Bajulinding and when I went there, I was told that my husband would spend the night in detention. They told me that even they themselves don’t know why Karamo was there and that they were only told to detain him there,” Madame Ceesay told Kerr Fatou.

The Standard contacted the police public relegations officer ASP Binta Njie who said she cannot confirm nor deny the arrest of Councilor Karamo Cessay.

“I am not denying that he is arrested and I am not saying that I can confirm that he is arrested either because I do not have an update to that effect. However, I have made a request base on what I have heard to know the circumstances around the circulation on the arrest and detention report,” PRO Jatta told The Standard.