The Constitutional Review Commission


crc 1

The level of engagements with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) so far, shows that the Gambian public has truly woken up to the new democratic dynamics of our time. Very important and valuable suggestions are being given to the CRC.

Moreover, the all-inclusive nature of the CRC’s engagement and consultation with the public has given the people of The Gambia an opportunity to share their views on what should be in their Constitution and how they should be governed henceforth.


The CRC has truly taken into cognizance the various demographics of the country. It has been observed that women, youth, the physically challenged, and other vulnerable groups have been engaging the CRC positively and sharing their ideas. The CRC is also working on consulting Gambians in the diaspora. This is a good thing.

This level of engagement and consultancy is unprecedented. Since the dawn of independence, never has the Gambian been so involved in the drafting of a constitution as he is in this case.

Additionally, the fact that the mandate of the CRC requires it to prepare and submit a report on all the suggestions made – whether included in the draft or not – is very interesting as it will enable future generations to build upon whatever draft may be finalized and strengthen the democratic gains.

It is this exercise of the Constitutional Review Commission that will enable us all to build The Gambia we want. The Gambian public is eagerly waiting for the final draft which will be presented for adoption.