The Gambia presents a global opportunity for investments – the time to engage is now


58 years of Independence, The Gambia is aptly positioned to engage with global markets attracting trade investments, scientific research, technology, tourism, healthcare, education and human resources.

The Gambia offers great stability, vision and hope in the West African region which the world can appreciate and support. Gambia has come a long way since 1965 when pertinent doubts of the West African nation loomed large. Today at 58, The Gambia is a country where the world must start deepening friendship and the corporate world making strategic investments that can leverage a competitive & smart workforce that provides employment opportunities, enhances exports, facilitates science and boosts tourism. The Gambia has abundance of agriculture and natural resources which strategically puts Gambia in a different league among African nations.

Farm to food – tapping agricultural potential: With 25% of GDP coming in from agriculture, leveraging modern agriculture means to ensure high yields presents a strategic opportunity for diplomatic investments. The farm to food concept built around strong policies will score higher advantage for sweeping reforms which can also nourish meaningfully Gambia’s children and also extend the solidarity to other regional neighbours. The implication of climate change on agriculture, crop loss, food security must be seen as an opportunity to build solutions that sustain and transcend human boundaries. Farm to food solutions in The Gambia will mark a game changer for progressive industries who look at shared prosperity.


Fishing, coastal experience & the port of Banjul: Being blessed by the river Gambia, the port of Banjul is among the most efficient ports in Africa in terms of speed of handling and ship to shore handling. Investment in fishing technologies presents an opportunity to enhance sizable riverine goals that can serve the economy suitably and also aide Sustainable Development Goals. Coastal tourism as a lived experience can be enhanced by river development networks and the port can be a focal point for trade expansion across the pacific, Atlantic and Indian ocean region.

Towards affordable & accessible universal health coverage: Infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases co-exist partly due to the overarching impact from social determinants of health & socio-economic proliferation. Low-cost healthcare programmes, with massive health promotion and telemedicine initiatives in public health can rapidly enhance the quality of life for vulnerable groups living in the outer heartlands of The Gambia. The Gambia presents real opportunity for ending malnutrition, improving health systems, implementing public health products that transform the quality of life for civilians and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Doctors from other countries can extend their technical skill sets to The Gambia, intellectual exchange and skill building programmes can be initiated that has the potential to change lives at large and serve vulnerable groups to leave no one behind. Universal health coverage can be an immediate reality with consistent advancement among stakeholders when meaningfully led.

Technology driven designs: I believe start-up market potential along with proven evidence-based technologies can be a gateway to Africa through The Gambia. Establishing factory-based units in The Gambia will support employment and also boost infrastructure and trade like none other. Leveraging technology with customised use case can present local solutions that make life better. The Gambian Government is fully inclined to support pro-business, pro-science and pr-development initiatives which can value add existing solutions for more efficient futures.

Visit The Gambia – For the African experience: International hotel chains, bird watching paradise, sun-sea-sand based holidays strategically motivates tourists wanting to enjoy a beautiful travel experience. Innovative tour operators have been able to support The Gambia’s foreign exchange advantage and also build successful tours that allows The Gambia to grow as the Smiling Coast of Africa for the new age.

An opportunity for educational investments: Passionate investors who wish to make a dent in education by offering quality and subsidized education have a real opportunity in The Gambia where the young aspire for big dreams and creating this opportunity will simply score a match. Setting up educational institutions in The Gambia will enable educational futures not just in The Gambia but also motivate students from other parts of Africa to come to Gambia for higher learning.

A trusted partner in Africa & a global friend: The business climate positions The Gambia favourably and better than most African partners in the area of international trade, labour regulations, economic competitiveness and ease of doing business. Reforms around investor protection and other tax measures have strengthened relations of The Gambia around the world which makes the nation a trusted partner in Africa.

The Gambia at 58 stands poised for exponential growth where bold and specific ideas are welcomed, where collaborative efforts are respected and secured, where the values of faith, family, service, development, citizenship, community and country add meaning and inspire life. The answer of African futures rest on the shoulders of The Gambia.