The oft-repeated fire outbreaks


It has become a common occurrence to read about fire outbreaks in the country, especially in the urban centres. These infernos ravage the houses of victims, charring almost everything in their wake. Often, victims lose everything in the fire.

In many of these incidents, victims either blame it on faulty wiring of electricity or on candles. As it is the responsibility of a government to protect its citizens from all kinds of danger – including dangers from citizens themselves – it is high time that government weighed in on this.

Stringent measures should be put in place to ensure that the electric wiring in private homes is up to standard and that no one should just haphazardly buy cheap and substandard wires to fit in his/her home. There should be a regulatory mechanism to ensure that only quality wires are used to connect electricity in homes.


The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) in collaboration with the Fire Service Department should come up with a certain standard upon which they must insist for anyone who wishes to be connected. This way, they will be protecting their customers and the citizens from senseless losses.

Additionally, the Department of Physical Planning should also come up with ways to ensure that the cities and towns are not congested to an extent of not having any room for emergences like fire outbreaks or other disasters. In short, government has the duty – through these agencies – to put measures in place to reduce, if not completely avoid, human suffering!