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The quandary

The quandary

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Don’t you think you are overreacting? Is this your story to tell? Are you supposed to risk your sister’s marriage by teling Badou?

Her thoughts poured.

She immersed herself in deep thought and eventually realized that she was just taken by surprise, and that she needed to use her wittiness and not be unnecessarily obtuse. She began to use her brain, thinking outside the box. At this point, she was already at Turntable Junction where she needed to switch cars. She was now calm and felt bad that she acted the way she acted towards her big sis.

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Alright, I know of a particular doctor from Senegal whom I met while studying in Italy, maybe I need to involve him. Yes! Let me involve him, he is extremely good in his field. He is a professional connoisseur, and possibly he is the only chance we have, she thought, with a broad smile.

Badou was not at home during this time, he was with his parents in Bundung. This was one of those invitations where talks about Badou’s plight take center stage. You know, how African Parents take the issue of ‘being unable to conceive’. It’s always a big deal and they never relent in talking or seeking remedies for it. Badou was truly honored and respected by his parents. They see him as a hard working son, compliant son, well-disciplined and well-mannered son, and naturally it became hard for them to be hard on it. So when it came to this issue at hand, they just brush the topic for Badou and give him hints.

Nonetheless, these hints were enough to tell Badou that his parents are disturbed. Really disturbed. 

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That evening, he left his parents’ house with a full commitment to find a remedy to this predicament. He assured them that he was going to find a solution, even if that solution meant taking another wife.

It was approaching magrib, and Sai was busy packing her stuff to leave for home. Business was a bit slow as it was just after the Tobaski feast. People were taking a break from the buying dresses and the like. Sai wasn’t happy this particular afternoon. She got bent out of shape over her discussion she had with her brazen sister. She hoped and prayed that the lousy sister doesn’t run her mouth about something that isn’t her business.

Mai was at home alone, seated with her expensive Iphone 12 Pro Max and scrolling through her WhatsApp. She was actually exchanging messages with Doc. Muhammed Sima, the doctor whom she met in Italy during her studies. After she had explained to him the situation, he replied with a lengthy message that reads, ‘Well I heard you, Madam Bittaye. Having trouble getting pregnant can be caused by many things including problems with ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, fibroids, thyroid problems, endometriosis and a condition called Turner syndrome. So there are a number of treatment options depending on the cause.’ Mai was truly optimistic having known and read about this particular doctor. This was the time she changed her mind about telling Badou what his wife is battling with. She now knew that she had a chance to help her sis out without causing any problems.

Later that night, after Mai had related everything that she discussed with the supposed mighty doctor to her sis, Sai told her husband that she was going to Senegal to see a doctor. Badou, being so worried and desperate for a solution was quick to agree.

Eventually, Mai and Sai took off for Senegal and spent almost a month there. The doctor took several tests and gave several prescriptions. Sai did all that was required of her and left safely for home, with full hope that she has found a lasting solution to her quandary.

Six months later, it was on a Sunday afternoon and the poised couple positioned themselves just around the back yard having a chit chat. They were literally in high spirits and everything was jolly.

‘Tell me; what can I buy my woman for dinner?’ He provoked with a grin.

‘You don’t know what to get your wife,’ she hastened to reply, with a shrug.

‘What do I know about the taste of a pregnant woman,’ he retorted.

‘Hmmm…Talking about pregnancy I have a question.’

‘Shoot,’ he said, expecting a medical type of a question.

‘Before we got married, I did a certain test and the doctor told me that I was suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and that I was not going to bear any children. I was scared and devastated and I decided not to share that information with you until I found a solution,’ she continued, ‘now, I am fulfilling my promise by telling you, but my question is, if I had told you this then, what would you have said or done’

Badou instantly felt a shiver run down his spine ‘WHATTTTT!!!!’ he shouted.

‘Before you express your disappointment or surprise, just tell me what you would have done had you known about this then?’ Sai was quick to stop him to ask again, leaning against the concrete pillar.

‘Truly speaking,’ Badou began, ‘if you had told me this then, I was going to…’

The End!

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