The right to protest


Democracies all over the world give citizens the right to demonstrate and express their views towards issues that concern them. Or, sometimes it may be to show their agreement with something.

In The Gambia, like in many other democracies, there is a requirement to inform and get permission from the police.
The law requires a permit for any gathering that wishes to use a public address system.

The purpose of the permission, it is explained, is to ensure that the police, being the institution tasked with the preservation of law and order, to be aware so they can provide security measures to ensure that the peace is not breached by either the protesters or others who may wish to use it to do something else.


However, this is a fundamental right which is actually the cornerstone of a democratic society. Thus, the government and citizens should seek to tread a fine line in which the rights of people are protected but the law and order is also maintained so that the peace is not disturbed.

As many people see protests as their fundamental right which they wish to exercise, there should always be dialogue to make sure that people understand what is going on.