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The state of our security

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One of the things by which the success of a government is measured is the level of personal security of the people. For the past year or so, security has been a real problem in the country. Every now and again reports reveal that a person had been murdered in one part of the country or the other.

Recently, it was reported that a headless body of a child was found even though it’s not known whether the child was murdered or dumped. The murders appear to become more gruesome by the day. And for this reason, many people are beginning to panic, not knowing what will happen next; or to whom it will happen.

This has caused many people sleepless nights as they keep thinking of what might have caused this surge in the crime rate. Government needs to be seen to be doing something about it in order to avoid panic. People need to be reassured that the government has everything under control.

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Ways have to be sought to ensure that there is adequate security for citizens to feel safe in the country. The police should increase visibility in areas prone to violence. For instance, the Kotu and Brusubi areas have proven to be very vulnerable to these attacks.

Surveillance cameras could be installed in certain strategic locations to help control the raging crime rates. Additionally, the Community Policing could be rekindled so that citizens will also have the chance to contribute to the protection of their areas.

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