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Monday, October 25, 2021

The state of our security

Reports have it that over the weekend, two former military officers who travelled with former president Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea entered the country through the Banjul International Airport. It is said that the said duo have now been arrested and are currently helping the authorities in their investigations.


However, what is worrying is that one would have thought that with the type of security (or the lack thereof) we are experiencing, the government should have been on top of this by now. To think that two top generals of the previous regime could come back, enter the country, go back to their families and we are none the wiser is indeed scary.


The security situation is fragile and the government of the day has to get ahead of things and ensure that they are not spectators but actors. Recently, there have been a series of armed robberies, attacks on individuals, and so on and so forth. This informs that both internal and external security is not very tight at the moment.


Internal and external security is interconnected and one affects the other. The intelligence gathering agency, the NIA should up their game and ensure that they have the relevant information at all times. They should then pass on to the police or the military any information they gather so that necessary action will be taken.


The fact that the former president was unwilling to hand over power and clung to it for as long as was possible shows that perhaps he or some of his protégés may have designs on the presidency again. For this reason, the Gambia Government has to do something to ensure that our borders are secure.


The political incidents that happened in Sibanor, Mankamang Kunda, Farato or Busumblala could be used as openings for chaos. Thus we should tread cautiously and never be complacent at any time. The recent incidents show that there is a lapse in our security and it should be looked at as a matter of urgency.

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