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New Creation Nursery School inaugurated

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By Arfang M.S. Camara

New Creation Bible Church in Kotu, on Sunday inaugurated a Nursery School for the kids of Kotu Quarry. The newly built school which is located at Kotu Quarry near the Kotu Power Station is meant to educate and develop the skills of the kids in the community.

The purpose of building the New Creation Nursery according to the committee of the church is to help engage the kids as well as to gain quality education as the they are future leaders.
The newly built school has three (3) classes starting from nursery 1-3 and is free of charge. The target of the school is purposely for the citizens of the country.

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Speaking in an interview, Pastor Tayo, the Pastor of New Creation Bible Church in Kotu said that they established the school because they realized that a lot of kids in the community don’t go to school as they see them playing every day, adding that as a church they just realized that there is no reason they can’t go to school other than the fact that there is no money.
“So as a church we came together and asked ourselves how we can be relevant to this community, and what can we do to bring impact to the need of this community,” adding that the starting point is to provide a school for the community.

According to him, they began the school project two years ago, adding that the already built Nursery School is free of charge, saying that currently they have about sixty (60) kids registered. He added that they have supplied school uniform for the kids at no cost.
He added that, the school been it free doesn’t mean that there is no cost but they have paid all the cost for the kids because there aim is to develop them, saying they are working very well to make this school a sustainable one for the community.

Pastor Tayo revealed that they also have another plans for the community, as they are planning to create a skill center for the elders of the community especially the women, adding that skills acquisition would entails Tie and Die, soap making amongst others
Pastor George also said there church has a vision to help the Kotu Quarry kids to go to school because they have seen the vision that lot of children in the community who are not in school and are of school-going-age.

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