The sun cannot be covered with lies, Cuba saves lives in The Gambia


By María Inés Álvarez Garay

The evil of a powerful nation on a small solidarity island cannot triumph, because we are true, authentic, our solidarity is palpable, dignified and truthful.

Doing good is an act of love for others and for oneself, let’s remember Martí when he said: “Good things must be done without calling the universe to see you go by. One is good just because, and because in there it feels like a pleasure when something good has been done, or something useful has been said to others.”


The members of Cuban medical brigade in the Gambia enjoy the immense pleasure of doing good, of healing the body and also the soul, of sowing health, love and collecting hearts full of happiness and gratitude.

At the Edward Francis Hospital in Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, we met a group of Cuban collaborators who invest all their energies and efforts in caring for the Gambian population.

Getting into the pediatric ward, there we find Fatoumatata Kamara, a three-month-old baby with a history of prematurity, low birth weight who suffered from several complications that led her to a critical state during his clinical evolution, and she was saved from pain and death by a valuable work team made up by Gambians, Cubans and Nigerians.

Today, she arrives at the follow-up consultation with a smile on her face and she is received again by her neonatologist nurse Dr. C Elsa Martínez Sariol, a doctor in Medical Education Sciences and tenured professor at the University of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba.

Elsy, as we affectionately call her, attests that professionalism emerges when working for love…

“It is an attitude full of deep moral convictions and knowledge of human behavior. That’s better than being a prince: being useful,” Marti said.

Our staunch enemies, those who try to misrepresent the wonderful work that our health professionals do around the world, cannot understand that tender and happy smile of a baby brought back to life and the gaze full of love and satisfaction of its neonatologist nurse, simply because you have to experience it to feel it.