The UTG and the school of journalism


This is indeed a laudable move, considering the fact that we only have one school of journalism, which is run by the Gambia Press Union. It is a giant step towards the revivification of imparting authentic and sound knowledge to the citizenry. 


We hear many complaints with regard to the poor standards of Gambian journalism. One of the reasons for this is the lack of local opportunities for professional journalism studies. Since journalism started, new entrants into the profession only benefit from little in-house training. However, thanks to the recent GPU School of Journalism, young aspiring journalists in this country have a chance to learn in a formal, codified, and structured set-up.



The starting point for sustainable development of our country is the enhancement of the education of our people. Development can never be a reality when illiteracy and ignorance reign supreme. All societies that have advanced in modern times have put the education of their people at the top of their to-do lists.


The discourse on the imperative necessity of ethical practice in Gambian journalism will be enhanced.  All those friends of The Gambia – at governmental or non-governmental level – who are so interested in the progress of Gambian media should grant bursaries to Gambian journalists to enroll in the course.


The young people who will be studying in this programme should always remember that the purpose of education is to lift the mist of ignorance and cultivate the praiseworthy virtues that come with knowledge and understanding. But even more virtuous is the using of that knowledge to uplift and elevate the conditions of our people to higher fields of development and progress. 


The inculcation of the spirit of service should be there at the beginning of every vocational education. This would generate a people who are willing to participate in the nation’s development process. This is especially relevant in the case of journalists, who are considered members of the fourth arm of the government. They serve as a link between the government and the masses of the people. 


So once again we congratulate the University of The Gambia on taking this bold step in coming up with such initiative. And we hope it will be good for the country.