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Is the Think-Tank functional?

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It is said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Since the new government came to power in January of this year, citizens have been anticipating – sometimes demanding – a blueprint or a roadmap for development. Up until now, this has not been forthcoming.


When the government announced the formation of the National Think-Tank, many citizens thought that perhaps soon there will be a plan or blueprint, roadmap whatever one may choose to call it. But it’s been months and we have not heard anything from the Think-Tank. One wonders if they are still working!

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It is however important to remember that it is very important for the government to have a blueprint. This blueprint will not only guide its development efforts towards the development of the nation, but will enable citizens know the direction the government is taking so they can take ownership of it and contribute their quota to national development.


Running a government is not an easy task especially when you take over from one that has been accused of a range of blunders – economic mismanagement being one of those. The country was almost on its knees when this government took over. The economy was collapsing, unemployment had reached all-time high levels, the youth were traveling (some dying) in the so-called ‘back way’, the country was polarized, and so many other areas of concern.


Considering the foregoing, only a well-thought-out plan could pull us out of this mess. One would have thought that the new government will make it a matter of urgency to have this plan in place. So, if the Think-Tank is still functional, they should speed up the making of the blueprint.

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