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This is not about ignorance of the TRRC Act

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By Zakaria Kemo Konteh

After being shell-shocked by the barrage of criticisms from many genuine Gambians, TRRC is trafficking the surprising weak argument that the critics are somehow ignorant of its mandate. I can’t wrap my head around the audacity of such nonsense.

For starters, Commissioner Imam Ousainou Jallow of the TRRC has been conducting reconciliations as the head of that committee without us raising a voice because we are aware of the act and respect people’s wishes to reconcile their differences and forge ahead.

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Although it comes down to individual choices, reconciliation and forgiveness are an important part in the national healing process but can only be effective when supported by the truth and genuine contrition. And so is the choice of Justice too. Victims who prefer this route must be fully supported and empowered to address their grievances through legal process.

Edward Singhatey and Sanna Sabally have neither being truthful nor showed remorse for their participation in multiple murders of our fellow citizens and other wanton violations of human rights. While Sabally skillfully lied about his own victimization with context taken straight out of the Abu Graib detention facility and other details of his criminal conducts, Edward Singhatey was cold, manipulative and brazenly lying even to the point of importing conspiracy theories about Koro’s brutal murder which, by all indications and available evidence, he is the primary suspect and the main architect.

So, if the two criminals wanted to bury the hatchet for backstabbing each other and Imam Jallow decided to facilitate that consistent with the act, that’s all fine. What is outrageous, however, is the fact that TRRC would take extraordinary steps by giving limelight and validation to the reconciliation between the two evil Gambians in full public glare despite their conflicting and hollow testimonies. We maintain our position that such a move is insensitive and insulting to the victims and serves no national purpose.

TRRC is the People’s Commission. We have taken ownership of it from day one and that’s not about to change. But make no mistake: we will remain vigilant and staunchly protective of the plight and cause of the victims. Just like we have condemned Ba Tambadou’s decision to release the killers after their confession, we offer no regret in expressing our shock and disappointment for Wednesday’s shameful conduct of the TRRC. End of story!

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