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Trans-Gambia bridge awareness campaign begins

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The Trans-Gambia Corridor project comprises the construction of a bridge to ease the flow of traffic, markets and feeder roads and a massive awareness campaign.  The construction, of course, has since been awarded to reputable contractors.

Following a bidding process among NGOs, The Gambia Family Planning Association, GFPA, won the contract for the awareness campaign project. Recently, GFPA senior management team accompanied by key experts embarked on a familiarisation tour to meet key stakeholders in the project implementation area. 

The project consists of an awareness campaign on HIV and AIDS, STIs and related diseases, road safety and gender issues.  The team headed by the executive director of GFPA Yankuba Dibba held numerous meetings with stakeholders in LRR and NBR the two regions connected by the bridge.

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At the bridge construction headquarters in Mansakonko, the GPPA team was received by the project director, Lamin Bojang who introduced them to the contractors of the bridge. 

In a brief but comprehensive speech Mr Dibba introduced members of his team which included the three key experts, Foma Ceesay, a sociologist and head of the experts; Mamanding Kuyateh, community development expert; and Mr Lang Conteh, road safety expert. 

The entourage also included a researcher in Mr Karafa Manneh, the project coordinator; senior GFPA staff, and the media unit. 

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Mr Dibba explained the role of his team is to solicit the support of the contractors in trying to meet their objectives.  

The delegation travelled to both border posts, where they met with police, immigration officials, GRA officials, the ferry service officials as well as local drivers. 

In all the meetings, GFPA executive Director Yankuba Dibba outlined the task given to his team and solicited support in carrying out their assignments. 

The group also held a meeting with the deputy governors of LRR and NBR and met with local government officials in Soma, Farafenni and Kerewan and district chiefs who all welcomed them and pledged their full support. Other stakeholders Mr. Dibba met during the two day tour were officials of the regional education office in Mansakonko and Kerewan, the divisional health team in Mansa Konko. The CEO of the AFPRC hospital in Farafenni, Soma community radio station and NGOs. 

At these meetings, Mr Foma Ceesay explained in detail each of the components of the project and what is expected from his team. He then urged stakeholders to give maximum support to them in executing their duties. Having met with all major stakeholders in the Trans -Gambia Corridor project, Mr Yankuba Dibba hailed the trip as a success.


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