TransGambia Bridge opens today


Mr Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of The Gambia and his Senegalese counterpart Mr Macky Sall will today preside over the inauguration of the long awaited TransGambia Bridge.

This bridge connects the north and southern banks of the River Gambia and also The Gambia, Senegal and other countries in the sub-region making it a very important economic and strategic link.

This is in line with the concept of integration of people and goods in the West African Economic bloc (Ecowas). It is a step closer in this integration drive and will be of great benefit to the people of the sub-region.


The prospects of constructing this bridge have a long history as successive governments of The Gambia have toyed with it but for some reason never came to do it. With the coming into office of the Barrow-led administration, it has finally been given enough attention to come to fruition.

This bridge is said to be the biggest in the sub-region as it spans 1.9 kilometers in length and stands over five storeys high to enable the passage of most vessels. Longer mast boats will have to fold their masts to pass through.

Another important aspect of the work was that fifty-seven percent of the workers were Gambians and the rest from other parts of the sub-region. Thus, it has been benefits throughout for the country and her people.

This bridge therefore, among other things might well be the highlight of the Barrow presidency.