Tuk-tuks banned from carrying passengers


Press release

The public is hereby informed that on May 21st, 2022 in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, the GPF Mobile Traffic Department embarked on a nationwide operation preventing the usage of tricycles (tuk-tuk) as commercials for carrying passengers. The operation resulted in the parking of several tricycles and as usual attracted different reactions from the public.

These mixed reactions prompted the Police and key stakeholders to carefully discuss the issue and come up with a way forward.


It’s important to note that, there is no such law that allows or permits the usage of tricycles for commercial purposes such as carrying passengers in The Gambia.

In addition, considering the already congested highways mostly in the Greater Banjul Area, the surge in fatal traffic accidents, just to name a few, the total ban on the practice is essential and highly recommended.

Although the practice has created employment opportunities for many, past experience revealed that tricycles were involved in fatal accidents and victims of such are not covered by insurance policies due to its illegality. 

Moving forward, to ensure a smooth withdrawal on the tricycle issue that creates a win-win situation, the following decisions are to be taken with immediate effect.

1.         No further issuance of commercial license for tricycles for the purpose of carrying passengers henceforth.

2.         All issued licenses expires on 31st December 2022 and shall not be renewed.

3.         Individuals holding valid license will be allowed to operate until 31st December 2022 according to the license BUT along designated routes with appropriate timings.

a.         No tricycle will be allowed to ply the Westfield-Tabokoto, Westfield-Tippa Garage, to Sukuta Jabang Traffic Lights roads from 7am to 7pm daily.

b.         They can operate on other alternative routes notwithstanding, this is subject to changes depending on the situation (safety and security)

4.         All tricycles will cease operation by 31st December 2022 as long as the laws remain accordingly.

By this token, all those whose tricycles were parked by the police should collect them from the Commissioner of Mobile Traffic beginning Monday 13th June 2022 during working hours and with valid documents. For those under companies can do so by presenting supporting documents.

NB: All those allowed to operate MUST do so in accordance with the traffic rules and regulations.